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Its The Next Best Thing To Being There!
A virtual tour is a series of 360° panoramic images which when combined together enable the user to become completely immersed in a space. A spherical panoramic virtual tour image offers users a complete field of view, from earth to sky, floor to ceiling. Never before has a technology so thoroughly captured the way we see the world!

The user can navigate around the image and tour by simply using their mouse or using their finger on an iphone or ipad compatible tour. By clicking on ‘hot spots’ on the actual panoramic image, or on a room on an Interactive Floor Plan, the user can move around the environment walking from room to room as if they were actually there. A virtual tour produced by VR Tours truly is a ‘virtual’ experience.

Why show flat, static images in newspapers or magazines when you can provide your potential buyers with an amazing interactive viewing experience? Show off your home or property in the style it deserves. Show case your product or business in a different and unique way. Sell smarter with virtual tours. Virtual tours are simply the next best thing to being there!

Virtual tours are now being used by leading commercial and residential real estate agents worldwide, attracting more visitors to their properties, giving visitors a sense of the space and character of a property, and giving them a much more enjoyable experience. Properties with virtual tours on the internet commonly attract 6-10 times the number of hits and visitors per property than those properties which don't offer a virtual tour.

Why You Need A Virtual Tour:

• 24 X 7 online exposure of your property or product.

• Easier accessing for potential buyers or visitors who are time or distance constrained or are unable to physically inspect aproperty or product.

• Market to a larger and geographically dispersed clientele including Australia wide and internationally.

• Cost effective marketing versus traditional marketing methods.

• Interactive capability controlled by users versus a static image.

• Proven to drive more traffic to your web site and .

• Virtual tours have an incredible WOW factor which puts the user in a buying mood and increases the likely hood of a sale.

Our High Quality Virtual Tours Have Gone Mobile.

With more and more people now viewing web sites and multimedia content on their mobile phones and tablet devices, we've built a mobile compatible virtual tour solution to meet this need. All our tours can now be viewed on an iPhone, iPod, iPad, and even Android based phones and tablets. Built using the new HTML5 platform our tours are now just as smooth and interactive as when viewed on a computer.


HD Quality
Every 360º panoramic virtual tour image we produce is shot in stunning High Definition quality resulting in sharper images which really immerse you in the scene.
Spherical 360º x 180º Images
The fully spherical panoramic virtual tour image captures every part of a scene and allows the user to view from floor to ceiling, earth to sky.

Google Maps
Included in every tour a Google map shows people where your property or business is located. Google Street View is supported in HTML5 tours only.
Multilingual Tours
We can publish any virtual tour in six different languages: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Still Photos
You can combine both 360º panoramic virtual tour images and digital still photos into the same tour. Perfect for including close up photos or product shots along with a tour. You can even incorporate photo slideshows into a tour.
Interactive Floor Plans / Area Maps
Show the layout of a property and allow the user to quickly navigate through a virtual tour by clicking on hot spots on the floor plan. Radar hot spots show the current scene being viewed as the tour pans around.

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HTML5 Tours For Mobile Devices
HTML5 virtual tours allow you to display a tour on iOS devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads and Android based mobile phones and tablet devices. Virtual tours are scaled down and optimised for the different screen sizes and resolutions.
Musical Soundtrack / Voice Over
Add ambience and mood to a tour by adding a musical soundtrack. Put the user in the buying mood! Or add a professional voice over to provide a running commentry and additional information to a tour.

Hot Spots
Static and Radar hot spots can be added to a virtual tour scene, Interactive Floor Plan, Area Map, or a Google map. Walk-through hot spots can be added to a scene to create the effect of 'virtually' walking through a space.
Flash Video
Video files can be incorporated into any virtual tour to add rich multimedia content. Video files can be built into a scene with correct perspective allowing you for exampe to place a video playing on a flat screen tv hanging on a wall in the scene.

Day To Night Effect
Turn day into night, and then night back into day with this special effect feature. You can showcase what your property looks like in the day, and then at night and switch easily between the two. Perfect for city views.
Full Screen Mode
Included in every tour, a user can enter full screen mode and fully immerse themselves in the scene. Its like you are actually standing there looking around!