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Our Plans Really Measure Up
Interactive Floor Plans are a great navigational aid and help users navigate around a space viewing different virtual tours quickly and easily. The user navigates simply by clicking on a ‘hot spot’ located on the floor plan to quickly jump to the virtual tour or still photo image for that area.

An Interactive Floor Plan provides a quick idea of the layout and space of an environment enabling the user to visualise how each room or area joins up with others, and provides an overview of all key areas and points of interest. It can also tell the user exactly where they are in the tour at all times because a radar hot spot rotates around on the plan, as the user pans around in the tour.

Where a suitable existing floor plan cannot be provided, then VR Tours can measure up and draw one to scale to be used as an Interactive floor plan. We use laser measurers when measuring a space to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for our floor plans. We then digitally draw the plan to scale as either a black and white line plan or we can also colour render it. We also add in additional features that other floor plan providers don't such as furntiture in rooms, cars in the garage, plants in the gardens, to ensure that even the most
basic of plans look accurate and realistic.

An Interactive Floor Plan adds significant interactivity to the user’s virtual tour experience
and is highly recommended by VR Tours for every virtual tour.


2D Black & White line plan or Colour Rendered plans available.

Link both virtual tours and still photos to any plan via hot spots.

Multi-level floor plans can be used in the same virtual tour.

Animated Radar hot spots sync with virtual tour panning.

Provides extra interactivity to a virtual tour.

Increased user navigation.

Hot spots can be added to Google Maps and Google Street View.

Black & White Floor Plans

Colour Floor Plans

Floor Plan Redrawing Services
If you have an existing floor plan then we can often use this as an Interactive Floor Plan. However sometimes the only plans that are available are old building plans, rough sketches, or paper plans which are not in a digital format. Not to worry! We can redraw and tidy up your existing plans to make them presentable and compatible to be used as an Interactive Floor Plan.

We start by scanning your existing plans to make them digital. We double check all measurements on the plan against the real building on site to ensure the highest level of accuracy. We also double check to see if the building matches what's drawn on the plan as sometimes the plan is very different to what has actually been built. Once all measurements have been checked and modifications to the plans have been accurately identified, we then digitally redraw the plans. The last step is to add in additional components such as furniture, cars in the garage, tables and chairs on the patio etc, to jazz the plan up and make it more realistic and visually apealing.

Take a look at the samples below of previous floor plans we have redrawn from existing plans for use in marketing material or with virtual tours.